SKYLIGHTSTAR skylights are available with either domed, pyramid or flat acrylic glazing, or flat glass glazing. Acrylic glazing is available in four different tints.
CLEAR – Recommended when the maximum amount of light is desired. However this option creates excessive solar heat gain and has minimal ultraviolet protection. Usually used as outer dome in conjunction with White, Bronze or Grey domes.
2447 WHITE – Translucent material used for light diffusion, heat reduction, and glare control, This is our most popular option. Creates a cool-white effect.
2412 BRONZE – Transparent material used to reduce interior solar heat gain and control glare, has excellent ultraviolet protection. Allows a clear view to exterior. Has a brownish tint. Usually used as an outer dome in conjunction with a clear inner dome.
2064 GRAY – Same as bronze. Has a greenish-grey tint.
OP-3 – Museum quality ultraviolet filtering acrylic. Usually installed as a flat panel under domes. Ideal for closets or anywhere fading is a major concern.
SKYLIGHTSTAR skylights are available in single-dome, double-dome, and triple-dome configurations. Double-dome units create a thermal barrier between the two domes. This is our most popular option. Triple-dome units are recommended for use in extremely cold climates. Single-dome units are used only for unheated spaces. All acrylic domes are fabricated from cast acrylic, the highest quality and most impact resistant acrylic. Available in 1/8” 3/16” or 1/4” thickness.


Material Color Transmittance
Visible Light Solar Heat



Clear #0000 92% 85%
Bronze #2412 27% 35%
Grey #2064 27% 44%
White #2447 53% 52%


SKYLIGHTSTAR glass glazed skylights are available in several configurations. All glass units consist of ” tempered glass mounted over ” laminated glass. Spacing between panels varies according to project specifications. Glass units are available in:
Clear – For clarity and maximum heat and light transmission.

Bronze – For a reduction in visible light transmission and solar heat gain. The bronze tint will reduce glare. Ideal for rooms requiring a softer light. Has a brownish tint. With good ultraviolet protection.

Grey – Same as bronze. Has a greenish-grey tint.

Low E Argon Filled – Available in Bronze and Grey or Clear. For year round energy savings. With excellent ultraviolet protection.

Heat Mirror – The best performing skylight glazing on the market today. Offering the best year round
energy cost reduction. As well as the highest ultraviolet protection available.


U VALUES Winter Heat Loss Summer heat gain
single glazed 1.2 0.8
double glazed 0.7 0.5
  • Values are per sq. ft. of skylight opening.
  • Values vary with sheet thickness
Plastic glazing has one fourth the thermal conductivity of glass, giving it an insulation value of approximately 20% better than standard glass. The introduction however, of specialty glass such as Low E and Heat Mirror have drastically improved the insulation and heat transmittance of glass skylights.


ACRYLIC 20 times stronger than standard glass
TEMPERED GLASS 4 times stronger than standard glass

See a Printable, PDF Version of this Sizing Chart


Under normal conditions acrylic domes require minimal maintenance. However, if cleaning is needed, domes may be cleaned using a mild detergent and a soft rag. Do Not use solvents of any kind or any abrasive materials for cleaning purposes. Glass skylights are much less likely to be damaged by cleaning solutions. Utilize the same cleaning methods used on standard glass surfaces.